Improvement Projects

Downtown Inverness 1979 Smart growth, thinking green, managed growth, environmentally concerned....just buzz words? Not in the City of Inverness. Comprehensive planning, supported by annual review and budgetary consideration, gives staff strategic vision and direction which can be applied to everyday work practices and priorities.

Speaking of vision, the picture to the right is downtown Main Street, circa 1979. Since then, streets have been reengineered and pedestrian walkways, decorative lighting, benches and ecologically friendly landscaping have been added to compliment the historic district.

Downtown Inverness 2007


Which brings us to where we are today. 

Work continues to expand the look and theme of downtown to other city blocks, while also tying in the waterfront parks and bicycle trail system. Systems, processes and projects which protect our natural resources are also key in improving the City.

Waterfront City


As we move ahead, the direction is clear. Led by the City's Comprehensive Plan, which focuses on the next 10 years, improvement projects and plans crystallize.   Projects, like the ones that follow, are positioning steps for a future of improved lifestyles with managed growth.

Highway 41 Resurfacing-from Cherry to Highland Boulevard

In September the Florida Department of Transportation started the final phase of the resurfacing of Highway 41.  Along with resurfacing, new sidewalks as well as additional drainage work on Apopka and Grace is included as part of the project.

Whispering Pines Park Trail Improvement

The Rotary Club of Inverness is once again partnered with the City of Inverness to pursue improvements to Whispering Pines Park.  This year, a trail marking upgrade project was pursued, replacing signage (many signs which have faded or fallen away over the years) on the 7.6 miles of trails that wander through the park.  The signs start at the beginning of each of the 5 colored trails.  Each sign has a map of all the trails, with colored background indicating what trail the user is on, as well as its length.  Several strategically located benches will also be installed as part of the project.  Estimated completion is in April, 2016.

Zephyr Street Intersection Improvements

Scheduled to begin in fall of 2015, intersections on Zephyr Street from Talmadge Avenue to Pine Avenue will receive traffic flow improvements.  View plans presented and approved.  Work should be completed by September 1, 2016.  

Highland Boulevard Redesign

Planned to begin shortly after school closes for summer of 2016, this project will revamp Highland Boulevard from Apopka Avenue to Line Avenue.  The street configuration will be considerably changed and will incorporate a multi-use trailway and bio-retention swales.  Projected completion is early 2017.

Wallace Brooks Park Kayak/Canoe Launch

As part of the City's "Going Green" initiative, plans continue to construct a launch at the waterside park. Plans include a floating dock structure and storage that would allow someone to lock up a kayak and head into town to eat or shop. Work with environmental agencies for necessary permits, as well as timing of grant opportunities, are key factors in completing this objective.  

Suncoast Parkway

Get the lastest info from Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) in the plans of pursuing parkway extension (Hwy 589) into Citrus County.  Suncoast Parkway