Bicyclers Paradise

Boy on tricycle In communities across the world there is a growing need and responsibility to provide options that give people the opportunity to walk and cycle and to feel safe while doing so. The City of Inverness is a staunch advocate of supporting alternative methods of transportation to protect our environment.

With the Withlacoochee Rails to Trails only blocks from the heart of downtown, it is probably not surprising the City of Inverness is a bicyclers paradise. Forty six miles of paved recreational trail allows bicyclists and walkers to get their daily dose of activity, while experiencing the natural beauty of areas surrounding the trail. And, for those cyclists who wish to venture off the main trail, they will find easy access to downtown and bike lanes on the main roads to accommodate safe travel.

Bicyclists The City of Inverness takes pride in being a walkable, bicycle friendly community. By the year of 2005, renovation of the historic downtown area was complete and improvement projects moved to arterial streets leading to and from downtown. In 2013, the Bicycle Boulevard project was finished, safely escorting cyclists to and from downtown from the Trail using North Apopka Avenue. A Trail Network Map was approved to "close the gaps" by adding connecting trails & trailheads to enable safe travel west of the Withlacoochee Trail.   Speaking of connecting, view all Florida Bicycle Trails.

One of the key pieces in having a bicycle friendly community is for everyone (cyclists, drivers and pedestrians) to be familiar with the general Rights & Duties of Cyclists.  Like any shared resource, courtesy is important for everyone to reach their destination. Use of signals when traveling in a group or approaching other cyclists will help make for a fun and safe trip for all.  Here's some great videos on Ride Smart Cycling as well as these tips to cyclists from the Department of Transportation.

Another consideration is how to secure your Bike while you are visiting locations

So How Do I Get Started?

To quote an early 20th century writer, Iris Murdoch "The bicycle is the most civilized conveyance known to man. Other forms of transport grow daily more nightmarish. Only the bicycle remains pure in heart." Who would know a mere century later that no truer words could be spoken.

To learn more about bicycling as a means for transportation and recreation, you will likely enjoy Bicycling Life or the Bike League. If you are new to the activity, these tips for safe commuting in a Bicycle Community might be of interest.

And if you want to ride your bike to work but are unsure if you're up to it, it's easier than you might think. Here's how.