The Vision

The City of Inverness continues to work with residents and business interests to plan and invest in a vibrant "city center" that supports a rich history.  Elected Officials and Staff are committed to preserve the small town charm that makes Inverness a welcoming community. 
Additional to government services, there are many shops, restaurants, historic venues and beautiful recreational spaces and places to meet friends and enjoy the lakefront beauty in a relaxed and peaceful setting.

Artist's rendering of old courthouse The Future
Local resources are supplemented by highly professional, talented, visionary consultants to plan for the future.  The goal is to continually improve the availability of people friendly open space for visitors and locals to mingle.  New buildings, increased investment opportunity, parking and easy access to recreational, historical and cultural amenities are part of what makes Inverness the Quality Choice.
The original components of the downtown revitalization plan were introduced in January 1998 and serve as a profound basis to continue.  City Leaders are committed and place value in the motto: "Leaving Inverness better than we found it", to insure our grandchildren and great grandchildren will have access to the abundance of natural and historic resources that we enjoy today.
See downtown Inverness as it can be - a Waterfront City.