Fire Department

The City of Inverness Fire Department was reinstituted in February of 2016,
as an integral part of the community. The Department Chief is Steve Marfongella who has a firefighting career that spans more than 25 years. Chief Marfongella achieved an A.S. Degree in Fire Safety and a B.S. Degree in Public Safety. He began his career as a Volunteer Firefighter, moved onward to become a Firefighter/Paramedic as well as a Fire Academy Instructor.

We welcome him to our community and look for a long tenure.

The Inverness Fire Department (IFD) is a combination of full and part-time
paid professionals, supplemented by volunteers. All members are
dedicated to the health, safety and well-being of the 
Inverness Community
 to include residents, business owners and visitors.

Inverness Fire Department

Department goals are to deliver highly trained personnel and resources
when and where required.
The staff seeks to serve as role models,
responding to community needs, and providing timely 
service. You will find
IFD members involved in many City events, activities and festivals.

The Inverness Fire Department proudly received a $62,000.00 award from
the AGF Safer Grant
 program to support recruitment and training for
Volunteer Firefighters.

The Inverness Fire Department Service Program includes:

  •  Fire Suppression 24/7 to the community
  •  Support EMS with a Basic Life Support first response crew
  •  Community Involvement 
  •  Provide Fire Prevention Education
  •  Conduct Fire Inspections on local businesses
  •  Review building plans for new commercial structures.