Our Commitment to Residents

The assurance of City Leaders is to promote the historical significance of Inverness, the downtown, the business district, and surrounding city and beyond as the vibrant "beating heart" of Citrus County. The place where residents and visitors can come to shop, dine, enjoy outstanding cultural, recreational and leisure activities, and to interface with other local government entities in a well planned community.

We pledge to share updated information on the planning process that will, over time, transform Inverness into a waterfront city with all the amenities to avoid noise, clutter and congestion that is desired by those of larger municipalities and sought by residents and visitors.

We will provide documentation that supports the cost effectiveness to keep Citrus County and constitutional government headquarters consolidated in downtown Inverness instead of the disarray and inconvenience of scattering facilities about Lecanto and the County in general. We support the planning of service centers that are properly located and convenient to population centers of the County. We are committed to the principles of smart growth and to economically plan and invest where complementary infrastructure exists to protect the environment and support activity.