Tai Chi (Yang Style)



Tai Chi (Yang Style short form) is a soft martial art exercise practice in standing and moving entire body to help improve balance, strength and mental concentration. Tai Chi is known to help ease the aging process and overall health. The Yang style is the most popular and it consists of slow continuous, soft and circular movements with rhythmic patterns of movement that is coordinated with breathing. Tai Chi is a great exercise of body and mind for all ages.

Join instructor Elaine every Monday morning from 9 am – 10 am beginning November 5th at Whispering Pines City Park in the large Pavilion (road B), 1700 Forest Drive in Inverness to experience this great movement of motion exercise.

Classes will focus on form, no warm ups or chi gongs. Tai Chi Instructor Elaine Seissler has been a student of Tai Chi for eleven years and has been instructing classes for 8 years. There is no fee for the class as Elaine is passionate about Tai Chi and wants to share with anyone interested from beginners to advance students, all are welcome.