Withlacoochee State Trail

Top Rated Trail

The Withlacoochee State Trail (WST) is a 46-mile, multi-use, paved trail, winding through stunning countryside. It runs on the northeast edge of Inverness with safe, easy access to downtown Inverness.

Because it is a converted rail line, and because rail lines are set at no greater than a 3-degree incline, you can be sure you can spend some quality time in a beautiful, natural setting with no steep hills to climb. This makes it a super place for riders of all skill-sets – new riders, those returning to the sport after a while, or people who are avid cyclists and like the chance to ride long-distances through a quiet, natural setting. 

In between Gulf Junction and Owensboro are lots of trailheads with rest rooms and water available, benches, and picnics tables.

Withlacoochee State Trail Safety and Guidelines

The following regulations apply to all users of the Withlacoochee State Trail. While not all of them are about biking on the Trail, we are including them all here so you know what you will see while riding the Trail and so you can be a better-informed citizen of the trail.

  • The Trail is open sunrise to sunset every day of the year
  • All plants, animals and park property are protected. The collection, destruction or disturbance of plants, animals or park property is prohibited.
  • No littering. Period.
  • Pets are permitted, but must be kept on a hand-held leash, no longer than six feet, and well-behaved at all times. Walk them along the edge of any shared-use trail. Note: Service animals are welcome in all areas of the parks. Aggressive pets are not permitted.
  • Fireworks are prohibited in all Florida State Parks.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on Florida State Trails.
  • Florida State Trails are not set up for racing and should be used for recreational purposes only.
  • Do not mark or write on the trail surface or any of the trail buildings, benches, kiosks, or shelters.
  • Bicyclists and in-line skaters yield to other users; all trail users yield to equestrians.
  • Obey all trail rules posted at trailheads.
  • Stay to the right except when passing.
  • Pass slower traffic on their left; yield to oncoming traffic when passing.
  • Florida law requires bicyclist to obey the rules of the road as same as other vehicles - obey all traffic signs. 

Florida State Parks Guidelines for Bike Use and information on electric-assist, or e-bikes

Florida State parks are committed to providing equal access to all facilities and programs. Should you need assistance to enable your participation, please contact staff at any ranger station or call (850) 245-3076 (Voice) or 711 (Florida Relay Service).

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