Inverness Community Redevelopment Agency

On October 16, 1990, the City council made the determination that a blighted area existed within the City, and that there was a need for a redevelopment Agency to implement the revitalization of this area.  These findings were established in Resolution 90-06.  On the same day, City Council created the Inverness Community Redevelopment Agency established by Resolution 90-07. The original 1990 redevelopment area was initiated in resolution 90-07 as the area designated as Central Business District on the zoning map.  Redevelopment of the Central Business District was sustained through Ordinance 91-434 which established the redevelopment trust fund.  Redevelopment efforts were further structured by adoption of Ordinance 91-444, on March 5, 1991.

The City Council significantly expanded the community's redevelopment area during 2014-15 under new findings of conditions of blight via Resolution CRA2015-1 on February 19, 2015, and reaffirming all aspects of the findings of necessity, the redevelopment plan, and the redevelopment trust fund on June 11, 2015 via adoption of the expansion by Ordinance 2015-710.

Based on these determinations ICRA was established and vested under Chapter 163, Part III, Florida Statutes.  Establishment also outlined the rights, powers, duties, privileges and immunities invested in the ICRA as a recommending body and those retained by the City Council.  Inverness' redevelopment efforts are guided by the Community Redevelopment Agency which is comprised of members appointed by City Council.  Chairman Thomas Slaymaker is the registered agent for the District.

The Inverness Community Redevelopment Agency is funded by tax increment financing.  When the Trust Funds were established, a 'snapshot' of the base year was taken of the area's taxable property values.  As capital improvements and other developments take place within the CRA district, these taxable values rise. The different ("increment") between the original values and current values is collected by the taxation authority and deposited in the Trust Funds.

In continuing pursuit of addressing the issues associated with the Central Business District, the City of Inverness has expanded its focus to include the hospital area, areas connecting to Whispering Pines Park and the White Lake industrial area.  The Inverness Community Redevelopment Agency governs the redevelopment efforts within the expanded area providing opportunities to encourage new capital investments in residential, commercial, recreational, and tourism developments.  The key focus continues to encourage job-generating investments and sustain existing businesses as part of the redevelopment initiative. 
Please contact the Community Development Department by dialing (352) 726-3401 to learn the times, dates and locations of upcoming meetings.  The ICRA Board meets in Council Chambers at 5:00 pm, on the first Thursday of each month, in addition there may be special meetings, which are posted on our calendar on this website.

The Community Redevelopment Plan:
The CRA Budget:    
Link to the City of Inverness Audit, the CRA audit is embedded in the City Audit:
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 Board Members for the Inverness Community Redevelopment Agency:

Vice Chair: Mr. Jesse Brashear          212 West Main Street, Inverness, FL  34450                  Served on board since 2016
Member:      Mr. David Arthurs            212 West Main Street, Inverness, FL  34450                    Served on board since 1991
Chairman: Mr. Thomas Slaymaker      212 West Main Street, Inverness, FL  34450                Served on board since 2011
Member:    Mr. Charles Davis          212 West Main Street, Inverness, FL  34450                      Served on board since 1991
Member:    Ms. Cindy Devries            212 West Main Street, Inverness, FL  34450                    Served on board since 2014
Member:    VACANT   
Member: VACANT