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From the City of Inverness regarding Out of the Box Rescue.

How did things get to this? The City will thoroughly and factually document the extensive notice provided to Mr. Bob Schweickert Jr. and his organization Out of the Box (OTB) Rescue who we’ve reached out to help. Feel free to listen to the public discussion that structured the relationship and understanding between the City Council and OTB Animal Rescue at the Inverness City Council meeting on May 16, 2017.

To kickstart OTB Animal Rescue, the City of Inverness contacted Mr. Schweickert about utilizing a temporary site at 216 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue, Inverness early 2017. The agreement was documented and approved by the Inverness City Council, which is detailed by two Citrus County Chronicle newspaper articles dated July 22, 2017 and May 11, 2018.

From the onset of this temporary arrangement that would yield to the City’s construction projects. The City also notes written 30-day notice sent June 4, 2018. An additional written reminder sent November 30, 2018, which was presented on social media as OTB’s first notice.

Back to our original question: How did things get to this? The City has documented extensive notification. Supported by newspaper articles, groundbreaking ceremonies and continued interactions with City leaders. Let’s not lose sight that the June 4, 2018 letter provided six months of notice that has been supplemented with a series of interactions with OTB.

We in City government cannot speak to why future arrangements OTB have not been made arrangements to transition to a new site. We believe in transparency, and that is why we are providing documentation below.

Questions may be directed to


Listen to the Facts

City Council Meeting May 16, 2017 Audio

Written Notices

6-Month Notice 

Final Notice

Citrus County Chronicle 

“Inverness animal rescue draws attention” dated July 22, 2017

“Judge orders Out of the Box Animal Rescue to pay fines for not forfeiting dog that bit boy dated May 11, 2018

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